eyes up!

from 1 to 5 years

Show without words

the show

directed by Stefano Mecca
with Chiara Carrara and Andrea Rodegher

Is it coming? It’s coming!
Let’s wait. And meanwhile… let’s play!
Let’s play to build, let’s play to wait.
Let’s play to build the wait.
It will show up from above so… eyes up!
“Let’s say we are” in a building site among tools and small bricks.
A workwoman, a workman and a very special helper.
And a wall. A wall?!? A wall, not meant to separate, to protect nor to hide… but to welcome.
Maybe it’s not really a wall…
Eyes up to see if it comes, to start a new game!
In the outburst of colors and music, among unexpected appearances and unlikely games, Eyes Up will bring you to a world inhabited by technology and tradition, where the desire to play together is in a constant construction where the works are suspended by amazement and amusement.

Running Time 45 minutes (performance and interaction with audience)
Age Group 12 months – 5 years

info: estero@teatroprova.com

the artistic project

After Duet Musical Dialogue between Movement and Sound, our ongoing reflection on Digital Devices and their relationship with traditional toys has carried over to another production. Some crucial questions moved our research: in what ways are children’s toys changing, especially those addressed to the early years, 1 to 5? How is technology changing the way children play? Which kind of relation is being created between technology and the dimension of playing?
Following the same creative thread, i.e. to investigate the interaction child-technology- art and creativity, Eyes Up deals with drones and robots, or at least the ones of “domestic” usage, whereas Duet is meant to explore the world of the tablet and its applications.
Digital natives constantly confront with technologies in their daily experiences in lots of different domains: playing, education, their first relations, their first approach to information. An aware and correct use of such technology is needed to prevent damages to health and other forms of danger for the early childhood. For this reason, Eyes Up tries to investigate DDs on a creative and open-minded perspective, aware of the risks they can cause on the one hand and confident in the unavoidable overwhelming presence they have established on the other.
Creativity and art can help restoring a balance in order to deal with new languages.