per le scuole

Theatre is good for everybody, even more for children!

Theatre at school represents such a powerful method of self-knowledge, a crucial way to create a cohesive and collaborative group.

Teatro Prova, in light of its 35 years experience with educational institutions, has planned and carried out theatre workshops in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools to enrich the training offering.

Projects are built and implemented by trained actors and specialist staff.

The combination of skills, experience an expertise with creativity and passion for theatre and art is aimed at making the educational and pedagogical work of children and teachers.

Projects are designed together with teachers, on the basis of the teaching programs and constantly responding to the needs, the aims and the critical issues occurring in the class groups.

Teatro Prova also produces and proposes shows and theatre storytelling.

We manage programs for schools in the territory of Bergamo:

  • Scuolateatro, from October to April, is rich with proposals for all ages. Shows are staged at the Theatre Venue San Giorgio, in Bergamo.
  • Ragazzi a Teatro takes place at the theatre in the youth centre of Ponte San Pietro from January to April, staging shows addressed to kindergartens, primary and middle schools.

More material about the shows are available at the relevant PRODUCTIONS page of the website.

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