theatre and inclusion

Teatro Prova has been working with disabled persons since 1996, designing and implementing long-term workshops where drama is a tool and an opportunity to foster diversities.

Within 20 years, a varied team with different skills and professional positions was born inside the company. It is still in charge of theatre projects based on specific needs and wants of the participants.

Teatro Prova has always challenged diversity in original ways: the aim is to promote diversity turning it into creative possibilities, overcoming the barriers which are still an issue in our daily environment.

These projects are addressed to entities of different shape and nature, working in the area of Bergamo and which are in charge of persons (children, youth, adults) with physical and/or psychic disabilities.

“A cat may look at a king”, someone said. In Italian, the “cat’s look” and its ability to challenge the conformed environment is going to be the protagonist of our initiative.

Lo Sguardo del Gatto is the first festival of inclusive theatre organized by Teatro Prova.

Three days of shows, workshops e meetings where schools and other entities are involved in the opportunity to foster a reflection on the topic of inclusion through performative languages.

The initiative involves, among others, Associazione InVolo and other entities such as daycare centres and groups of participants collaborating with the company.

Thanks to the collaboration with Caritas Bergamo, the event will be hosted at San Paolo d’Argon Abbey from May, 30 to June, 1 2019.

Lo Sguardo del Gatto is conceived in the framework of the wider project New Work Times funded by Fondazione Cariplo through the call Cultura Sostenibile.

Press Release 27.11.2018