drama school

The drama school from Teatro Prova • since 1981

For those who want to take their first steps on the stage.
For those who want to find out if theatre is for them.
For those who had already made their first steps, but want something more.

Three years, one evening a week to discover, experience and learn about the movement, voice, speech, diction, monologue, dialogue, improvisation, acting, directing, mask, character, apprenticeships, the show and the audience.

Not only is it proposed to aspiring actors but also theatrical techniques are a great support for other professions, such as teachers, educators, entertainers. And why not? The course can also simply be a gift you offer to yourself.

The adventure of the School of Il Teatro Prova lasts three years; at the end of the third year you will receive a certificate of attendance.

Day of attendance: Tuesday (20.30 to 23.00)

Presentation: Friday 12th October 2018 at 20.45, staging of “Andorra Burning” with the ex-pupils of the third year 2017-2018.

First class: 6th November 2018

Total hours: 90


A tool to find the courage and take the plunge: to be an actor, to stand on the stage before an audience, to memorize the script, to increase awareness on your body, voice and space, to communicate and persuade.

Physical Training

Exercises and games to discover expressions of the body, coordination, sense of rhythm, the stage, the relationship with others, the creativity of the individual and the group.

Voice Training

Exercises and games to develop the voice in all its forms of expression: rhythm, pitch, volume, timbre.

Diction and expressive reading

Discover the rhythm and musicality of words. The correct pronunciation, accents, and how to control the cadences dialect.

Workshop: Working with the character. An intensive weekend to explore a particular topic.

Workshop: body and communication.

Proxemics, non-verbal communication and physical score.

Day of attendance: Thursday (20.30 to 23.00)

Total hours: 95

Acting and Directing

Exercises and techniques to deal with monologues and dialogues. The representation of written and improvised scenes. Creating a theatre recital: evidence and synthesis of different techniques.


Exercises and techniques to enable listening to others and the perception of space; choral improvisation, singles and couples; communication with the whole body and involvement of all the senses.


A journey to learn the techniques of oral storytelling, exploring the different ways to make a living word. The story starred becomes an image through the use of voice and body.

Workshop: The mask

Approach to the use of the mask, exercises to discover a movement that asks for help to the power of an object used by many others before us, and the changes in the perception of one’s body with or without the mask.

Workshop: History of Theatre with Stefano Mecca

The history of theatre from its origins in the 5th century. A.C. until the 20th century.

The actor and its changes through the centuries.

Greek theatre, Latin theatre, the Middle Ages, the Commedia dell’Arte, Shakespeare, Molière, Diderot, the origins of directing.

Day of attendance: Wednesday (20.30 to 23.00)

The creation of the show

The third year is the time when you put into practice the techniques and skills developed in the previous two years. It is a year dedicated to the creation of a show to be presented to the public in many evenings. The students-actors are involved in the creative process of building the show from concept to debut with encore performances.

The End of your adventure with Il Teatro Prova, but not the end of your trip into the Theatre!


Subscriptions are welcome at the Secretary’s Office of Teatro San Giorgio venue, from Monday to Friday, from 9.30 to 13.00 and from 14.30 to 18.30 or by phone at +39 035 225 847 during the same hours listed above.

You can also send an email to sangiorgio@teatroprova.com, leaving your details and a contact phone number.