going international

After a long path of artistic and creative research, revolving around workshops, projects addressed to the new generations and attentive to the needs of our territory, since 2015 Teatro Prova has been working on going international. The value of an intercultural exchange in all its forms comes to life, and it is embodied in the different dialogues with cultural entities working in various contexts.

The theatre as a space of sharing, experimenting and welcoming, in a constant cosmopolitan and transcultural perspective.

The ongoing exploration, curiosity and the will of meeting challenges through different languages are the main ingredients.

Cie Sémaphore – France

Theaterhaus Ensemble – Germany

Teatro al Vacìo – Mexico

The Farrés Brothers – Spain

Daryl Beeton Productions – United Kingdom


In a constant exploration of other languages and different forms, Teatro Prova commenced a journey around various International Festivals…

ph.credit www.jamiesproates.com takeoff festival 2017

…and it was hosted with the show Duet:

4/10/15 – International Theatre Festival for Children “100, 1000, 1.000.000 stories”, Bucarest
19/03/16 – Naj, Naj, Naj Festival, Zagreb
10/10/16 – FITPTI Iasi International Theatre Festival for Young Audience, Iasi
24/11/16 – Children’s Theatre Festival Zvezdarište, Belgrade

and with Eyes Up:

8-9/4/19 – Palestine International Theater Festival for Children and Youth

Looking for information? Write to:

Silvia Giordano, International Coordinator&Producer