world of silcence

from 4 years

Also available in English and French.

the show

By Sofia Licini
directed by Stefano Mecca
with Sofia Licini and Marco Menghini
Lights Marco Raineri
Scenery Stefano Facoetti
Costumes Stefano Facoetti and Marilena Burini
Consultancy Ilaria Galbusera and Federica Baroni

The show, inspired by the true story of Ilaria Galbusera, a young 23 year- old woman deaf from birth, is in Italian (to be translated) and designed to approach hearing people to the deaf context.

It is an important day for Ilaria and Roberto: for the two brothers it is the last one in the house where they have grown up.

Tomorrow they will move into a new home. Among games, jokes, tales and some quarrels, it is time to put order among the boxes surrounding them and among the memories that are kept there.

For them, it is the occasion to relive with lightness their story together and to listen, joining two worlds so far away from each other.

Roberto loves to play the drums and fills the silence with his overwhelming rhythms; Ilaria is curious, careful to everything that surrounds her, she likes to chat, she is always on the move and, even if she likes music, she cannot hear it. She lives in a world of silence: she is deaf from the birth.

A tale of extraordinary normality which tells about being together, the importance of listening to the others, the value of silence and about how barriers among people don’t exist in themselves, but only rely on the others’ attitude.

Age Group: 4+


Teatro Prova stages the story of ILARIA GALBUSERA: «You can reach anything with sheer willpower»

Ilaria Galbusera 23 years old, economics student, volleyball player, deaf.

She is not only known for the 2011 “Miss Deaf World” award won in Prague, but also for her talent in “Diversamente Zelig”, a cabaret tv-program. A young woman who, thanks to her different activities – studying, sport, theatre – wants to make people understand that “you can reach anything with sheer willpower”.

In January 2014 there is an encounter with Sofia Licini, a 28 year-old girl from Bergamo, with a degree at DAMS (Bologna), an actress at Teatro Prova, hearing.

A random encounter between two different people, between two worlds, one made of words, sounds, voices and the other made of gazes, signs, silence.

An exchange which becomes sought and turns into friendship. From the urgency of saying, of sharing with the others the discovery of a new and intense way of communicating, the idea of creating a co-written show arises: World of Silence, directed by Stefano Mecca, artistic director for Teatro Prova, in consultation with Federica Baroni (Professor at University of Bergamo and interpreter of Italian Sign Language) and with the support of Ens (Ente Nazionale sordi).

From the collaboration of different people and various skills, a story inspired by Ilaria and her brother Roberto’s story (played by Marco Menghini) is staged. A show aiming at talking to all, from kids to adults and raises questions about the importance of communication and of hearing.

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