T-rex stop eating friends!

from 3 years

Friendship: a feeling that wins all fears.
And everyone knows that friends are not to eat.

the show

dramaturgy Silvia Gilardi
directed by Francesca Poliani
with Romina Alfieri e Stefano Mecca
set design Giulia Breno
original music Ottavia Marini
lights Marco Raineri
costumes Marilena Burini

Can a Tirannosaurus Rex and a small mouse get along? No, they can’t, they are too different! The T-Rex is a fierce predator. He eats mice! Or maybe not? Together, playing with food and cooking, the t-rex and the little mouse Molly discover a feeling that makes everything easier, turning the impossible in “we can do it”. It is a feeling that wins every fear: friendship. And everyone knows that friends are not to eat.

Notes from the director

The story deals with the encounter/fight between the two protagonists: a constantly hungry T-Rex without control and a know-it-all little pastry chef mouse.
Two apparently opposite personalities that, in an unexpected encounter, discover themselves complementary and useful each other, sharing merits and flaws without denying the possibility to improve themselves and, at the same time, to be unique.
In the perspective of an inclusive pedagogy, the peculiar feautures of the two characters are maintained and rather valorized: the T-Rex knows how to make things that the little mouse doesn’t know, and in turn Molly offers a help that the T-Rex has never received.
And it is thanks to the clash, to the discussion and therefore to the collaboration that their friendship can arise. Acknowledging to need help – difficult for both of them – they manage to turn their lives around.

Running Time: about 50 minutes
Age Group: 3-10 years

info: estero@teatroprova.com

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