from 1 to 5 years

Also available in English

the show

with Patrizia Geneletti and Enrico Nicoli
props and stage costumes by Teatro Prova Scenery Workshop
soundtrack by Andrea Rodegher

Chick is wrapped in his warm and comfortable egg, but Chick grows inside the egg which becomes too small for him: it’s time to go out and discover the world.

The first encounter is with his family: mother Hen, dad Rooster and sister Chicky. Chick misses his egg house and sets out in search of another house similar to his egg. He meets a bouncing ball, soap bubbles flying with the wind, a chocolate egg and many other characters that remind his egg, but cannot find another home.

At the end of his discovery journey, mother Hen directs him to a nice place, colorful and welcoming: the school, where he will meet other chicks like him who will become his friends.

The show tells the story of Chick using the technique of black light puppetry. Puppets, lights and voices narrate a path that encourages children who move their first steps out of the family environment, to undertake with enthusiasm new experiences; among all, the school is the experience that combines the warmth and protection of the egg house with the thrill of discovery.

Actors available to give explanation (in Italian) at the end of the show.

Age Group: 1-5 years
Running Time: about 30 minutes, with final interaction with the children.


Technical requirements

  • performing area 5mt x 6mt
  • no stage required
  • almost totally dark
  • electric power 220V
  • setup time: 2 hours and 30 minutes
  • dismantling time: 1 hour and 30 minutes