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March 20th is ASSITEJ World Day of Theatre for Children and is celebrated worldwide through the campaign Take a Child to the Theatre

Assitej International (International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People) and Assitej Italy foster the child rights through art and culture with Take a Child to the Theatre.

This year’s messages has been written by Mohamad al Jounde, 17, from Syria, who won the 2017 International Children’s Right Prize for having created schools for refugee children in Lebanon, and by Mo Willems, from the USA, creator of multi-awarded books , tv shows, and theater plays for children.

This year, a worldwide fundraising project has been launched to sustain the right of all children to access Theatre, a project sustained by Teatro Prova as Assitej member. Teatro Prova’s audiences can contribute, before or after our shows on March 18th, 24th and 25th, with a small donation to give the opportunity to other children in India and Africa to go to the theatre.

1. Who are the donors?
Family audiences who attend in different ways the theaters connected to Assitej Italy.

2. How does this fundraising campaign work?
Each spectator or group of spectators, taking part to a show with their children, will have the opportunity to give a contribution. each Assitej member will ask each spectator to give 1 € to sustain the campaign Take a Child to the Theatre.

3. Who will take advantage of the campaign?
In 2018 the collected funds will be conveyed for sustaining one or more TYA festivals, organized by Assitej National Centres, in countries characterized by difficult economic conditions. The contribution will allow to offer free entrances, transport or other opportunities to facilitate accessibility for children to the theatre.

4. Who’s raising the funds?
The amount raised by each member (company, theatre, organizer) will be sent, as a contribution, to ASSITEJ Italy, which will make a deposit to ASSITEJ International.


ASSITEJ film for World Day of Theatre for Children and Young People 2018