In April 2018, Teatro Prova was selected for the first stage of the program “Tandem Shaml” and took part to the first Partner Forum in Hammamet, Tunisia. This was the very first opportunity to get in touch with the Tandem Shaml network, experiencing five days of sharing, discovering, exploring. It was on this occasion that the Tandem could come to life: Teatro Prova decided to start building its project with Hewar Company for Independent Theater and Performing Arts. The project, entitled STAGING WALLS, has overcome the second stage and could officially start in October. 

STAGING WALLS is a cultural research-based project focussed on experiences, perceptions and representations of the concept of wall. 

The wall as a border, a barrier, an obstacle, opposition and difficulties in comprehension among different socio-cultural entities. 

The walls, as form of defence, are also fortifications in shaping identities, expressive forms to be interpreted and deconstruct, emblems to challenge and overcome. 

The wall as a relevant experience in the daily life of individuals. 


The company carries out a research work, collecting ideas, taking guidance from its daily work around the various workshops it deals with. 

More details of our network and activities coming soon.




“Tandem Shaml supports experimental and lasting collaborations between change makers from the Arab region and Europe. For one year cultural actors work in tandems and as a group: being part of a larger network and sharing good practice. Joint projects confront global challenges like migration and support local community development by linking local people, places, art forms and ideas.”

Tandem Shaml Official Website.

The article written by Federica Facchinetti and Silvia Giordano for “Leggerò Leggero: Appunti di Cooperazione Internazionale”blog.